Thursday, September 29

Top Hosting providers in the USA

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It’s hard to name Top Hosting providers in the USA because each provider has its own niche as a service provider. Plus the internet provides more than just hosting!

1 DotCloud
2 GoDaddy
3 GoSignature
4 Microsoft Azure
5 Amazon Web Services
6 Google Cloud
7 CloudGain
8 mBank
10 Health Care Authority of Tampa Bay
11 Azure Enterprise Group
12 CSC Business
14 Extracompass Hosting
15 MilesWeb Hosting

We were shocked to find the list of top hosting providers in the USA, which includes some of the best you could think of. Even so, it’s pretty surprising to see one hosting provider gain such large mindshare among the community.

Having more than 15 hosting websites in USA, DotCloud goes some way to proving its place as the number one leading hosting provider. Hosting with DotCloud is only very costly, but the customer service is worth the cost. Services can be customized using advanced features such as cloud storage, dial up to 10,000+ locations, and much more.

If you’re searching for a convenient setup, Microsoft Azure provides speedy setting up. The cloud hosting of more than 14,000 websites allows you to set up the framework for your digital services in a short amount of time.

AWS gives you one of the largest customizability possible, which means the user can customize the website’s appearance. Furthermore, flexibility and performance: “AWS storage can store 1 terabyte of data which is more than double the biggest sites on the internet today.” The free hosting of this service is beneficial to anyone that isn’t too profitable but likes a low-cost hosting plan.

We know that having good services can give you an advantage in the hosting race. So which hosting company in the US truly separates themselves? We choose to mention CloudGain as it’s a truly amazing name.

We say amazing because of the variety of services it provides. Here we provide you with storage (1TB). There are more storage services to choose from, but if you have 500MB of disk storage then it’s best not to go with the free plan as you can see CloudGain will be offering you only 1000MB as an additional storage.

To round it all off, we chose Extracompass Hosting. Over some 18,000 websites, you can easily find a single entity to connect to a website in under 5 minutes.

If you’re an entrepreneur or want to run your businesses via the internet, Extracompass hosted email servers will help you do so.


To conclude, we’re surprised by the number of hosting providers we found that manage to produce great services for various sites. Each company we looked into offers a wide variety of services, including storage, email servers, hosting, and uploading a website. These services can not only impress you with the features they give you, but they’re also bringing customers in because of the world class platform of services they’re offering.

We won’t be surprised if there are many hosting companies on this list, as it’s likely that any new provider that comes along with a little bit of revolution.


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